When we deprive ourselves of a good nights sleep, we are subject to it’s affects. Some of the sleep deprivation affects include; Growth and muscle repair, reasoning, weight (gain or loss), healing, memory, cognitive abilities, function (performance) and susceptible to diabetes.

Our hormones are based on mother nature’s cycle and respond to the rhythm of the day accordingly.  We are meant to rise with the sun (or as close to sunrise as possible) as our cortisol is highest at that time and as the day goes on our cortisol lowers and our body prepares for rest, which is why sleep is so important to a well balanced lifestyle, and it’s one of my non-negotiables.  We are meant to recharge our batteries nightly and if we don’t do that we start to bear the consequences.

So, what does a good nights sleep look like?

  • You’re able to fall asleep easily
  • You can sleep through the night without waking
  • You wake in the morning feeling rested and refreshed

We’ve all had times and moments in our lives where sleep was few and far between or not even an option. Nevertheless, the goal is to when you find yourself stuck in that same deprived state of sleep cycle, to determine the root cause and practice making better sleep habits. Here are some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep:

  1. Establish a rhythm of sleep, go to bed at the same time nightly and get up at the same time.
  2. Take short naps if you missed sleep the night before (20 minutes is optimal)
  3. Supplement your Vitamin D (if you aren’t sure, have a blood test and get it checked…then supplement it)
  4. Get some sunshine during the day
  5. Get exercise during the day
  6. Turn off your television, computer and iPad at night
  7. Turn lights down at night
  8. Have a comfortable bed
  9. Block noise out
  10. Block light out
  11. Make sure your bedroom is cool
  12. Learn relaxation techniques
  13. Deep breathing
  14. Muscle relaxation (like biofeedback where you progress through your body)
  15. Envisioning your peaceful place.
  16. Whatever you are thinking about when you wake up, empty it out of your head by substituting thoughts.

What are some of the sleep challenges you have had?  How do you get to sleep?  Share it below!  I can’t wait to hear!

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Until then

Live, Feel and Be Well,