There is a new buzzword floating around social media that by
now you may have heard of; biohacking. But what the heck is it? Biohacking is a
systematic approach to reaching optimum health. It is implementing small
changes or hacks to improve areas of your life. According to Dave Asprey, the
founder of bulletproof coffee, it is making changes in your life to becoming

Most biohackers strive
to be the best version of themselves. Any areas of your life can be hacked whether
it be physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. The journey of
biohacking is up to you and where you see the need to change.

The following is a must when starting your
biohacking journey:


What areas of your life would you like to improve? Maybe
you simply need to fix your sleeping schedule. Perhaps you have a lot of stress
that you would like to reduce or eliminate. Whatever it may be there are hacks that you can do to help improve those areas.
Some common areas that biohackers target include improving happiness,
productivity, diet, athletic endurance and mental performance.


Now that you have
assessed yourself and know what areas of your life you would like to improve
on, it is time to implement hacks to reach those goals. It can be as simple as
tracking your daily exercise or taking an anti-anxiety pill. Whatever the hack may be it’s important to start doing them right
away and track your progress as you go along.

Document and Evaluate

Although implementation
is the key to biohacking the other area of importance include tracking your
results and evaluating them. This way you can be sure that the hack you
implemented is accomplishing the goal you had in mind. Maybe the hack will
improve other areas of your life that you were not aware of. Take a just a few
moments out of your day each night to record any little thing you have noticed
throughout your journey. At the end of each month create some kind of challenge
such as a test to see if the hack you implemented has truly made an impact. For
example, maybe you wanted to increase your stamina. Before you implement the
hack test your stamina and then in a month do the same test to see if you’ve


Once you evaluate your results
it is time to determine if the hack you implemented provides the results you
were hoping for. If not, adjust the hack or implement a brand new one. If you
received benefits from the hack determine if it is worth continuing or not.
Obviously, if the hack didn’t produce the results you were hoping for it may
not be worth continuing.


If there are more areas
in your life that you want to improve to reach the goals that you have set for
yourself add more. If what you are doing is working keep doing it. Once you
have mastered the hacks that you implemented you may even want to take it one
step further. The choices are truly endless.  

Biohacking is a never-ending journey. It is not a fast-track system to optimal health or the
perfect life. It is a cumulation of lifestyle changes that take work and
dedication. Implement, evaluate, adjust and then repeat until you reach all your goals. You can truly accomplish whatever it
is that you want to with biohacking.

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Live, Feel, and Be Well