Grow Your business with a Nutrition Consultant

Would you like to help your clients get better results through nutrition, but you just don’t have the time, money, or resources? 

Well we have a solution that will help you do less work, make more money, and make your clients happier!  

Our aim is to uncover the root of a client’s health issues which allows us to be able to give a client answers to what is causing them to feel bad where they may not have had answers before.

We educate, empower and inspire our clients to become the best version of themselves and live their best lives.

I believe that functional medicine is one of the most important ideas of our time – an idea that can help relieve the unnecessary suffering of millions.

Dr. Mark Hyman, Director of the Cleveland Clinic, Center for Functional Medicine

How Does the Nutrition Consulting Work?

It all starts with our Well Nourished Life 30 Day Transformation Challenge for your members to get them excited, but don’t worry! Well Nourished Life does all of the work!

Done-for-you Social Media Build Up

Once we decide on a date for the seminar, we provide 5 weeks of social media build up to the gym to post and get members interested/signed-up.

Wellness Workshop

We will come perform a seminar 1 week prior to the challenge starting to explain high-level nutritional information + details of the challenge. This will also air on the gym's FB Page.


The challenge is a 4-week nutrition challenge and each participant will have the option to select their own accountability partner. The group that partakes in the challenge will also have access to a private Facebook group and will receive weekly educational emails to help support them through the challenge.

Post Challenge Support

 The Challenge Turns Into Year-Around Nutrition Support for Your Gym and Members!

Post-Challenge, we provide a package to the gym that includes:

New Member Nutritional Packet

We will provide content to give to your new members including an approved foods list, a basic sample meal plan and grocery list, and relevant guidebooks to introduce them to nutrition services offered at your gym.

1 year of nutritional social media posts

52 posts to publish weekly to your gym's IG/FB/website including recipes, blogs, infographics, etc

Quarterly Workshops & Webinars

​​​​​​​We will host quarterly workshops and seminars regarding nutrition topics relevant to your gym's interests.

Continued Nutritional Coaching for the Gym

We continue to provide 1-on-1 coaching support to any gym member that is interested or in need. The gym receives a percentage of client's program or plan participation paid to Well Nourished Life. 

There are some amazing benefits for both the gym and it’s members through this partnership! ​​​​​​​

Owner Benefits

Benefits for the Gym

Improved Retention

As a gym owner, we know how important it is to keep members happy and what better way than to show them results. It is no mystery that results stem from not just workouts, but nutritional efforts as well. Providing your clients with proper nutritional guidance is essential to keeping members.

Nutritional Marketing/Social Media
We provide all marketing and social media materials you need to promote the Well Nourished Life Challenges, coaching, and post-challenge to sustain interest in nutrition throughout the year.
Zero Effort from the Gym Owner and Coaches
​​​​​​​The owner does not need to do anything regarding the challenges or the one on one coaching other than press “post” on Instagram and Facebook and refer their clients to Well Nourished Life. 
An Additional Revenue Stream
​​​Nutrition consulting will provide another revenue stream for the gym via kickbacks from the challenge and from continuing one-on-one coaching the members participate in. The more clients you refer, the more money you receive.

Member Benefits

Membership Perks


We assist in professional nutritional consulting or coaching which makes happier clients.

Improved Energy/Effort

Proper nutrition brings more results to clients and better energy for workouts.  

Better Class Attendance

Consistency in nutrition has shown to also improve consistency in attendance of classes/workouts. 

1:1 Health Coaching

Members have the option of having their own personal health and wellness coach that will provide them with their own customized nutrition plan.







Meet Your Consultant


Hi, I'm Esther, your Functional Health and Wellness Consultant and I'm here to educate and empower you to live a healthy lifestyle. I am your functional health detective, taking a more investigational approach into your health concerns that focuses on clean and holistic living, with a deep dive into hormones, gut and thyroid health with an ancestral and plant based eating approach. You'll learn how to stress less and sleep better. We at Well Nourished Life focus on living toxic and additive free. No "cookie-cutter" health coaching. No food porn and unrealistic health challenges.

My Approach

I'm here to help you achieve your health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. I'll support you, and help you discover what will bring you success and what could be holding you back. Whether your goal is to reduce stress, increase energy, lose weight or just get healthy, I will take the time to listen to your concerns, help you discover where and why you are struggling and help guide you through the world of contradictory nutritional advice to find what works for your body. Together, we will implement small changes at a pace that is comfortable for you, so you can meet your health goals! I've been the patient, the client and now the coach."

Esther Raeschael is the founder and Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant of Well Nourished Life. She received her training from the Institute of Functional Health and is certified by American Fitness Professionals and Associates, National Academy of Sports Medicine and Athletics and Fitness Associations of America.

**The role of a Functional Health Coach is not to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body.  The information on this website is for educational purposes and should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.